Bridgend & South Wales Police

Police & Local Authority Collaboration
South Wales Police & Bridgend County Borough Council

polOther a 6 month period EDGE has been assisting South Wales Police and Bridgend County Borough Council develop a target operating model for running a joint fleet management and maintenance operation.

The resultant plan has the potential to deliver efficiencies of 20% of current costs and will avoid further significant costs associated with the investment required to overhaul each organisations current premises.

This work involved engaging with all of the staff to ensure buy-in to a joint solution and to ensure that all of their concerns were considered. Whilst it involved detailed reorganisation of fleet operational; processes, development of new work schedules and reorganisation of resources it also involved the development of legal and contractual options making it possible for the organisations to work together and the detailing of the financial and governance arrangements for the new operation.

The work projected efficiency savings over 3 years and detailed an implementation plan and resources required. This enabled the respective boards to make informed decisions to progress implementation of this exciting and innovative cross public sector organisation collaboration.