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About Edge

EDGE was founded in 2010 by five like-minded operations and business change professionals who are all passionate about improving public services. EDGE work across all areas of Local Government helping clients to understand what service transformation can mean for them in meeting increasingly challenging service and value for money targets.

We work across all areas of Local Authority delivery and we have a substantial track record of success in improving:

Passenger Transport – Home to School including both Mainstream and Special Educational Needs as well as Looked After Children and Adult Social Care.

Environmental Services – Fleet and Fleet Management, Highways, Greenspace, Street Cleansing, Waste and ancillary services

Cross Cutting and Back Office Services – Facilities and facilities management, Customer service, Planning development and building control

We work with a three stage process UNDERSTAND, REVIEW and IMPLEMENT

UNDERSTAND – We explore how EDGE can work with you

REVIEW – We review in depth a department, service or cross cutting theme and make recommendations

IMPLEMENT – We work with you to implement those recommendations, guaranteeing the savings through our unique fees at risk model