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  2. When running a public sector organisation is like playing a late night game of poker

Richard Hall, Director at Edge Public Solutions, writes for The Executive Magazine on the dilemmas facing public sector organisations

Whether to stick or twist….to raise or fold. We’ve all been there. But senior officers entrusted with the future of our public funding have not only this dilemma when considering how to navigate their management boards to a secure position but they arguably have ‘bystanders’, the politicians, who ironically cannot see the cards they have in their hand, breathing down their necks and telling them how to go about the game.

I jest but there is a serious point. Public sector organisation have a dilemma. They need to make big efficiencies and these are often only possible by delivering complex and capacity hungry initiatives. Initiatives that are commonly part of a transformation programme requiring a cultural change and a performance shift. At the same time they are commonly desperate for competent managers with enough free time from their demanding day jobs to concentrate on transforming the way things are done.

Surely the solution is obvious. Buy temporary help by taking on interim capacity or securing performance based partnerships with expert deliver companies.

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