Adult Social Care, Health & Well Being


With the changing face of social care driven by the personalisation agenda, the drive to more independence and self-management and more recently by the priorities laid out in the Health and Social Care Act that came into force earlier this year, change capacity and expertise in these services are becoming a critical gap in local authorities resourcing.

Local authorities can play a more pivotal role in delivering outcomes for people and at the same time reduce costs and demand for services across the public sector.

We can deliver improvements in how services are delivered by

  1. Improving transparency in how services are accessed and ensuring effective sign-posting
  2. Improving integrated solutions which focus on true outcomes, we develop and implement process change initiatives
  3. DrivingĀ  joined up multi-agency working across social care, health and commissioners

Most importantly we work with your people and your provider markets to drive culture change and improve performance in each team. Each authority is at a different stage in its journey and we adapt our approach to fit with the skills, capacity and point in this journey. Apart from in-depth knowledge the most important skill that we bring to change in Social Care is the ability to drive challenging initiatives through to implementation and create real momentum to the changes required.