Asset Management

Many local authorities have a property estate that has evolved over many years and is no longer fit for current operational practices and does not meet the future needs of changing services. Property portfolios have become too large and under-utilised with a lack of strategy for disposal.  Property management can typically be disjointed in its approach with management, maintenance, facility provision and renovation projects not operating an end to end process.

We have the property expertise to effect a change in approach to processes and put property back at the heart of corporate strategy. At an operational level we have the expertise to drive productivity and value from the many different functions in estate management and we are adept at identifying strategies to release and dispose of properties to reduce significant running costs and benefit from capital receipts.

We can do this effectively as we understand the many users of property and the modern ways in which they can now operate. In short we are skilled at engaging services and politicians to effect fundamental property realignment and ensure that property can both adapt to meet the needs of services and be an important driver in shaping future service provision.