Debt Management

Debt management is a field often seen as peripheral within local authorities, but is an area that offers significant saving potential with no impact on service delivery.  Working in concert with specialist technical partners, EDGE has developed a comprehensive program to generate improvements in debt management processes and drive up long-term collection levels.

Most authorities have significant amounts of uncollected or ‘warehouse’ debt and tackling these debt backlogs is the first step in a self-funding program. Using industry leading analysis, alongside commercial credit data sources not normally available to the public sector, generates substantial ‘windfall’ income in a single financial year that can then be used to fund wider transformation.

Once action on warehouse debt has created funding our experts comprehensively review all debt management functions within the authority, including; structures, systems, processes, external contracts and internal skills. This forms the basis for an improvement program that delivers integrated debt management capability able to maximise collections income in a way that is sympathetic to the needs of local communities whilst retaining the flexibility to respond to future legislative changes.