Fleet Management

Our team has the experience of managing large fleet operations and has successfully delivered performance transformation across local authority and emergency service fleets. Our approach usually includes a focus on improving vehicle utilisation whilst ensuring best value procurement and renewal procedures. Transformation programmes have been underpinned by the implementation of improved corporate control of fleet management. In short we have the know how to improve the value delivered from this often multi-million pound asset. One of the key reasons for our success in this area is that we understand the service users of fleet in street-scene and other front line services and therefore we can engage users on overhauling work routines, schedules and productivity with credibility and expertise.

We are also adept at improving the efficiency of vehicle maintenance through the development of effective routines, workforce productivity, reduction on vehicle downtime and procurement of parts and supplies. We have also implemented corporate wide fuel reduction programmes focussing on work patterns and behaviours of staff together with the implementation of more effective performance management of travel costs.

We have worked with some of our clients on the evaluation of alternative delivery options including changes to the leasing or procuring approach to their fleet and its maintenance. We have successfully implemented changes to this delivery model. We have also developed opportunities for local authorities to deliver fleet in a collaborative way across public sector organisations and therefore we bring a thorough understanding of the challenges to implementation of these initiatives.