Front Line Place – Environment, Grounds & Cleansing

Edge has a core expertise in front-line services. All of our people have experience of improving performance of large front-line workforces.

We normally begin by ensuring that these services are delivering in line with corporate priorities and that funds are allocated appropriately. Often we find that budgets have evolved into a disjointed service priority plan which does not meet corporate aspirations.

We offer a full ‘gateway’ review to establish the most appropriate way to deliver each service in scope. But our core expertise is in re-organising, re-scheduling and driving improved productivity through performance focus, innovative measurement of activity, better procurement of supplies, & equipment. Often we find that services within the same directorate can be better integrated to achieve much better outcomes and flexibility.

Whilst these services have often been the subject of much change and have delivered significant efficiencies for local authorities over the years our approach has still been able to drive additional opportunities.