Highways & Waste Services

These services have often undergone significant change and are under intense political scrutiny. However we understand how they work and we are still delivering significant efficiencies by supporting councils to adapt approach and improve performance.

In highways we have an in-depth understanding of the fine balance between capital reconstruction and day to day maintenance and how to achieve the best from your network over the long term with the current funding constraints. Importantly we have experience of delivering the best possible value from revenue resources by productivity improvements, improved management and value achieved through contractors and influencing all stakeholders including politicians to agree effective and prioritised allocation of resources.

We have driven significant improvement by re-focussing large and disparate teams, particularly where there is a client and labour operation split to work together to improve value.

Services which have been externalised or subcontracted can improve with robust management and overhaul of contractual arrangements. We have particular success with this in areas such as parking enforcement.

We work with a specialist waste partner to fully assess the value being achieved from both your waste collection and waste disposal arrangements. Often we find that there are significant opportunities to improve long term external waste contracts with outsourced providers.