Fotosearch_k9400023 (1)We have conducted in depth reviews and developed programmes for local authorities to generate more income.

This usually begins with the development of a council’s strategic approach to income through how it is organised, how it drives performance in this area and how income is prioritised in service plans and strategies.

We then then apply a systematic approach to each service in terms of assessing how current income is generated and whether there are opportunities to improve this through improved charging mechanisms or improving demand for services. Commonly we identify opportunities for councils to raise charges for services in line with neighbouring authorities or the private sector.

Finally we examine each service and the opportunity to develop new income opportunities. This might mean a major strategic overhaul in terms of the model of how services are delivered through to the development of specific initiatives within services.

In all of our work we identify the requirements of your people in terms of what is required to develop their expertise to operate with a more commercial approach so that any improvements we deliver can be developed when we have gone.