Most unitary authorities spend over £10million per year on transporting passengers across the elderly, SEN, mainstream children and general public. Historically many authorities have run these services in a very dis-jointed fashion with service based approaches and have only recently started to implement an integrated approach. Increasing demand for transport services from increasingly vulnerable citizens has resulted in hard to predict and uncontrolled expenditure.


We have the expertise to deliver holistic transformation in this area by ensuring a truly integrated approach to transport and maximising best utilisation of resources across subcontracted taxi transport, internal buses, community transport and commercial bus networks. This requires an understanding and proven track record in sympathetically managing SEN and adult requirements as well as detailed logistical planning. We are experts in deploying innovative techniques to drive better value from contractors with great success and we have been nominated for an MJ award for innovation in technology for the use of electronic auctions for suppliers.

Whilst we bring the expertise to deliver the transport solution in the most effective way we also know how to segment and reduce reliance on transport, manage your demand and generate significant long term sustainable savings and greater control of costs.